UWW amazing undergrad student/volunteers

Our under/grads are super dynamic people.

We want you to meet them!


2018 – 2019

Julie Usih

Julie Usih is completing an Honours Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and a double minor in History and Equity Studies at University of Toronto. Currently, Julie is working on a literature review at the Centre of Urban Health Solutions within St. Michael’s Hospital to document the best practices to assess the training of Peer Researchers in HIV (PRAs). She is also creating a digital guideline on key steps to train peer researchers as per UWW’s support framework. Julie’s research background includes working for projects that critically assess the black experience within the Canadian school system, and re-imagining the possibilities of Western academia and community-building through the lens of African-Indigenous philosophy. Julie plans on pursuing a Masters of Education and continuing work that reduces barriers in healthcare and education.

James Tavares

(2018 – 2019) James is on a MA on Critical Disability Studies at York University. He completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto, double majoring in Anthropology and Equity Studies. As a research volunteer for the Centre for Urban Health Solutions, James co-authored a paper on how to best support peer researchers living with HIV. James coordinates the monthly “Better Than Ted: Talking HIV Research” series which invites community members, healthcare professionals, and members of AIDS Service Organizations (ASO) to learn about various HIV research topics. When he is not learning how to fail new cooking recipes, James enjoys looking at photos of dogs on Google.

Nora Sahel-Gozin

(2018 – 2019) Nora is an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto who shares a passion for improving health in cities and reducing barriers that restrict individuals from accessing health care. In the course of her studies, Nora has volunteered at various hospitals, she has been a team leader for Doctors Without Borders, and worked as a research assistant on projects which seek to improve equity among racialized women living with HIV/AIDS. Nora plans to attend medical school and fulfill her dream of becoming a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. In the UWW/Centre for Urban Health Solutions, Nora conducted a literature search on patient-provider communication to support the production of an upcoming UWW eLearning module.

Calum Thompson

In 2019-2020, Calum helps produce the Pozcasts which bring HIV research to daily life. He is a Masters of Public Health student at the University of Toronto. He began volunteering with Universities Without Walls at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto in November, 2018. In April of 2019 he was brought on part-time with St. Michael’s Hospital to coordinate efforts for the 2019 Poz Effect online conference.

Charmaine Nyakonda

(2018 – 2019) Charmaine is a Jon. S. Dellandrea scholar at the University of Toronto completing an Honours Bachelor of Science with a double major in Neuroscience & Health studies. She hopes to combine her in classroom experience, community engaged learning and asset-based community development to pursue a career in either Neurosurgery or Public Health Policy as both a researcher and an educator. She was a research volunteer at CUHS from September 2018 – March 2019. She conducted a literature review looking into the current English based interventions to reduce stigma to get tested for HIV.

Amanda Chinemelu

(2017 – 2018) Amanda graduated from the University of Toronto with a specialist degree in Health Studies. In 2017 she worked as a volunteer engagement coordinator at Women’s Health in Women’s Hands and also as a SNAP facilitator at Planned Parenthood Toronto. Amanda intends to continue her studies to become a Naturopathic doctor and pursue a Master’s in Education and Public Health. In the 2017-2018 period, Amanda was a student researcher at Universities Without Walls in the Centre for Urban Health Solutions where she helped organize the community chat series “Better than Ted: Talking HIV Research”.