Tools for Community-Based Research (CBR) Certificate Program Returns!

We are excited to announce that we will be offering the Tools for CBR course during February and March 2017. This certificate program will guide you through key facets of community-based research (CBR) using a blended pedagogical approach: a combination of self-directed online modules and live online sessions. Our goal is to get you ready to participate in and contribute to community based research teams.

Tools for CBR is suitable for beginners who have not participated, or read much about, CBR as well as emerging and established researchers looking for fresh ways of building research capacity amongst their students, team members and participants.

Check out this promo video and the scholarship opportunity!

Learning outcomes

  • Awareness of basic terms used in CBR.
  • Application of CBR concepts to research contexts familiar to the learner.
  • Enhancement of your readiness level to participate in a CBR study. Participation can range from being a “respondent” to a survey, to being a member of an advisory committee, or a data collector/analyst.
  • Application of new knowledge and concepts in a sketched CBR research proposal.

Course structure:

Most weeks in this course require that you put in at least two hours of self-directed study online and that you post to a Discussion Board. Our e-modules contain audiovisual presentations, quizzes or games, and additional resources. Some weeks include online synchronous (live) sessions. Overall, there are three assignments: completing a mindmap, completing a one/two-page description of a CBR project you have participated in, you will participate in or you simply envision for the future.

Tuition Fee

$135 + HST = $155.25

Cancellation Policy

Withdrawals are effective on the date withdrawal notice is received and course fees refunded subject to $50 non-refundable amount. No withdrawals or refunds on or after the course start date.

For any questions, please contact Eugene Nam or Francisco Ibanez-Carrsco.