What's Hot Episode # 8

GIPA/MIPA: I’ve heard of it.”

The Greater and Meaningful involvement of PLHIV is based on the idea that the personal experiences of PLHIV should shape the AIDS movement. UNAIDS describes GIPA as a “principle that aims to realize the rights and responsibilities of people living with HIV, including their right to self-determination and participation in the decision-making that affects their lives.” But how much do people know about this principle, who is implementing it and how?

Is the potential of GIPA/MIPA being fully realized in research? Does the birth of the new Canadian Positive People’s Network help push the GIPA/MIPA agenda forward? One person’s MIPA is another person’s MEPA and yet another’s MIWA…what gives? Is it time for a rethink?

To help us discuss these issues and identify some solutions we brought together some exciting guests from across the country who will offer their unique perspectives on GIPA/MIPA.

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Christian Hui

Involved in the Canadian Positive People Network/Le Reseau Canadien des Personnes Seropositives (CPPN/RCPS) and is the Canadian International Representative for the Global Network of People Living with HIV North America (GNP+NA)

Alexander McClelland

An academic, writer and activist who is currently working on a doctorate at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture, Concordia University.

Valerie Nicholson

A Peer Research Associate (PRA) on numerous community-based HIV/AIDS research projects and Chair of the Board of Positive Living B.C. She is also a Provincial Peer Representative for CIHR REACH CBR Collaborative Centre and a Peer Facilitator of two HIV support groups for women.

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