What's Hot Episode # 7

“Climbing the PRA ladder: how to begin, survive and advance.”

What does it take to get a job and thrive in it? Varying degrees of personal and economic empowerment are associated with PRA work making it is a sought-after position. But can it lead to a sustainable career?  Are PRA skills transferable to other sectors? Does the episodic nature of research work with or against the episodic nature of HIV? One person’s idea of career success could mean undue stress and health concerns for another, so is a common PRA career path possible or is it unique to the individual?

To help us discuss these issues and identify some solutions we are bringing together some exciting guests from across the country who will offer their unique perspectives into the PRA role. Is it a job, a career, or a stepping stone?

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Chuck Osbourne

A peer researcher involved in multiple community based peer research projects and currently working part-time on the Engage Study for the BC Centre for Excellence

Larry Baxter

A resident of Halifax, Nova Scotia and a person living and aging with HIV, and a knowledge user on several HIV and Rehabilitation research projects, primarily around HIV and ageing

Terry Howard

Director of Community-Based Research, Positive Living BC

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