What's Hot Episode # 6

Who Needs Boundaries When You Have Methods?”

Do methods affect boundaries or do boundaries affect methods? No one knows more about this than peer researchers doing interviews or focus groups. Peer researchers put their private lives on the line to do research. But where is the line? The boundaries between the professional and the personal can become blurred. Does the choice of research method make us think differently about what is acceptable? Is self-disclosure an ethical strategy for peer researchers to enhance rapport with participants? What are the challenges and where are the guidelines?

To help us discuss these issues and identify solutions, we brought together experts from across the country to offer insights into how researcher/participant boundaries have been managed in a variety of research methods.

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Dr. Surita Parashar

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the B.C Centre for Excellence

Claudia Medina

Peer Research Assistant Engagement Coordinator for the HEADS UP! Project, Ontario HIV Treatment Network

Mary Mwalwanda

Peer research associate, Ontario HIV Treatment Network and peer case manager with the Women’s HIV Empowerment and Life Tools for Health study (e-wHEALTH ).

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