What's Hot Episode # 3

“Supporting HIV Positive Peer Researchers”

The Peer Research Associate role is an extremely important role in community-based research and a complex one. It can bring with it many challenges including psychological, emotional, social and physical and challenges relating to education and training and finances.

So what is the appropriate response to this issue, how do we accurately identify suitable supports and respond effectively. Where are we failing? Where are we succeeding?

To help us discuss these issues and identify some solutions we brought together four exciting presenters from across the country who are experts in their fields offering unique perspectives and insight into peer support.

Click here to download the Evaluation Summary Report


Terry Howard 

Director of Community-Based Research

Positive Living BC

Krista Shore

Peer researcher from the Peepeekisis First Nation,

Vice Chair of All Nations Hope AIDS Network (ANHAN), Board Secretary of the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN)

Anna Demetrakopoulos

Support Coordinator,

AIDS Bereavement and Resiliency Program of Ontario

Zack Marshall

Community based researcher

Division of Community Health and Humanities at Memorial University in NFLD.

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