Week 1: Monday, January 28 to Friday, February 1, 2019 — CBR 101 & HIV Stigma 101

By the end of this week, students will gain an increased awareness of:

  • The key elements and steps of community based research in a health context
  • The general aspects of HIV in Canada today
  • HIV in Canada.
  • HIV Stigma as one of the social drivers of the epidemic in Canada

Online, self-directed study: What is Community-Based Research?


Complete the What is Community-Based Research module and the “HIV Stigma 101” module and respond to quizzes.

Consider the following questions, and go to the Discussion Board, read the most current question at the top and write as much as you can. Please engage with other classmates and reply to their comments.

Write your name at the start of your reply. When you sign up for the course, the instructor receives your email and adds you as member of the Discussion Board.

If you cannot access the Discussion Board, email your instructor and ask to be added.

  • What are the assumptions you have about what “community” is and how you apply them to your work/research?
  • What are the key elements of community based research in the context of health?
  • What are the distinct elements of HIV in Canada today (i.e., medical, social, cultural and geographical)?
  • What makes HIV distinct from other health conditions that seem just as devastating and stigmatized?

1st Synchronous session

Wednesday, January 30th, 2:00 – 4:00 PM EST

  • Topic: Welcome/introduction, online meet & greet with your instructor(s) and classmates
  • Synchronous (live) online group session through Zoom (2 hours).
  • Register in advance for this meeting:
  • You will receive a confirmation email containing information to join the meeting.

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