OHTN Research Lounge


Goal: to socialize with a research purpose 

When: every month, one Wednesday evening from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm or until you can’t take it anymore and leave.

How: we send a notice, we engage one or two persons with burning questions and comments on emerging issues to circulate a copy of what we will all read. We meet and engage in a short but thick presentation followed by a discussion and divergent conversation. We will alternate between qualitative and quantitative topics. In some cases, we will go simply crazy and have mixed methods or one qualitative and one quantitative.

What is acceptable reading? Manuscripts and reports that will capture the attention of diverse folks and provoke reflection, conversation and even action

Who? It is open to the world but we will start with interested folks connected to the OHTN network. We will strive to make it engaging for those working on technical aspects as well as those working on theoretical aspects, under/graduate studies, health/AIDS activism and even clinical practice.

Where? We meet either at the OHTN or a lovely place of our choice