TransLatinas Ontario (TLO): A sexual health literacy intervention

graphicTranspeople in Canada show one of the highest HIV infection rates among other groups.

Due to the effect of the Social Determinants of Health, Transpeople often have difficulty accessing health services compared to their gender-conforming pairs. This project, led by Celeste Bilbao-Joseph, Center for Spanish Speaking People & Gerardo Betancourt, University of Toronto will focus on Latino Transgender Women (LTW) who feel traditionally excluded from the community at large, and/or invisible or stereotyped, within the LGBTQ communities.

One of their greatest needs is the increase of “sexual health literacy” that is the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs that ones have in relation to health, diseases and infections (e.g. learn how to prevent HIV/STIs transmission, condom use, condom negotiation, PrEP and PEP, emotional/social factors that impact the ability to choose a non-high risk sexual behavior, etc.)

Click here to view their mind map to see how this project will develop throughout our Flipped Workshop

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