An A-peel-ing Approach: Translating knowledge to health for people who use drugs and are living with HIV/AIDS

bananaThe Food as Harm Reduction study, which examines the role of food provision as a means of reducing the nutritional harms of drug use, is cultivating a bunch of key messages on the fruits of our labour such as strategies for remaining nourished while using drugs.

Patrick McDougall, Dr. Peter Center & Chris Meiwald, Simon Fraser University will endeavour to create an “a-peel-ing” approach to knowledge translation for people living with HIV/AIDS who use drugs.

They will distribute bananas with a link to our interactive, knowledge to action website and ask participants to tell us what they have digested.  Will it be as fruitful as a banana split or will we be slipping around on our a-peel?

Click here to view their mind map to see how this project will evolve throughout our Flipped Workshop.


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