Flipped Workshop

What’s a flipped workshop?

A flipped workshop reverses the typical elements of an in-person workshop. Instead of coming together to learn under pressure in one or two days, the learners acquire and apply contents, skills and experience over time. The flipped workshop allows participants to work independently on their own projects and also interact virtually with other teams and with instructors to discuss what they are learning and to ask questions. This format of learning gives participants more of an opportunity to learn through hands-on experience, over time, in time flexible ways while tailoring our instruction, content and delivery to their needs.

Previous Flipped Workshop:

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Evaluate This! 2017: The Flipped Workshop in Evaluation

In this workshop you will learn the basic steps of planning an evaluation by working through the planning of an evaluation of your own. You will have an opportunity to work independently as a team, as well as learning from other teams and receiving one-on-one coaching. Click here to check out more details.

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