Pozcast: hosted and produced by James Watson, based in Toronto with a global outlook! We showcase the positive effect of people living with HIV. Pozcasts tell very human stories about how research impacts the health, lives, and work of people living with HIV.

E01: Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U)

A person living with HIV who has an undetectable viral load does not transmit the virus to their partners. To discuss this significant advance in science and its impact James Watson talks to two people passionate about the topic and the messaging, Laurie Edmiston, the Executive Director of the Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE) and Adrian Betts an HIV positive activist, and the Executive Director of an AIDS service organization in Ontario.

E02: HIV, Fatherhood and Fertility

Tune in to hear how HIV-positive men and their healthcare providers are talking about fatherhood, and why some men are rethinking their decisions around parenting. James Watson talks to Dr. Mark Yudin, from the University of Toronto, and Logan Kennedy from Women’s College Hospital, about new fertility options, access to stigma-free parenting environments, and why fertility researchers are turning their attention to men. He also talks to Charlie, a Peer Research Associate, who opens up about how his HIV diagnosis impacted his dreams of becoming a father.

E03: GIPA in the workplace

The Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV (GIPA) is a set of principles that highlights engagement, equity and social justice and places people living with HIV at the centre of the HIV movement. However, implementing GIPA in the workplace can be challenging. Is it doable? Are the principles still relevant in today’s work environment? James Watson talks with two people living with HIV who work in the sector to find out, Marvelous Muchenje a Program Coordinator at the Women’s Health in Women’s Hands Community Health Centre and Andre Ceranto the Manager of Community Programs, Volunteers and Peers at Fife House in Toronto.

E04: Poetic Justice: a collaborative retelling

In this episode, host James Watson chats with McMaster University researcher and PhD candidate Lori Chambers about her unique research initiative, “Because She Cares.” With this collaborative project, Lori uses poetry to share the experiences of African women employed in the response to HIV. While the experiences described are specific to African women, they will no doubt ring true for a lot of us who work in the HIV sector and live with HIV. Their discussion focuses on the impact of using the arts-based method of poetic narrative inquiry and is highlighted by the retelling of a choral poem by the Because She Cares Collaborative.

E05: Stigma Stings!

HIV stigma can be more harmful than the disease itself. Is it possible to eradicate this social menace or is it here to stay? Tune in to find out as host James Watson chats with his guests about the impact of HIV stigma and how community-based research is making strides to weaken its grip. First up, James chats with Dr. Sean Rourke, a Clinical Neuropsychologist and Scientist at the Centre for Urban Health Solutions of St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, about the Canadian HIV Stigma Index research study. He then sits down with Brittany Cameron, a powerful champion in the fight against HIV stigma, an HIV Positive mother of three, an LGBTQ ally, and Human Rights Activist.

E06: Gay Men Using Meth (P1): Lust, Men and Meth: A Gay Man’s Guide to Sex and Recovery

In this first episode of a three-part series on gay men using methamphetamine host James Watson interviews Dr. David Fawcett, a psychotherapist, sex therapist and author of the book, Lust, Men and Meth: A Gay Man’s Guide to Sex and Recovery. Mark S. King  the writer, activist, and award winning blogger of My Fabulous Disease joins the conversation and adds his personal reflections as an HIV positive gay man in recovery from meth addiction.

E07: Gay Men Using Meth (Part 2): Crystal Meth Anonymous: A 12-Step Recovery Program

In this second episode of a three-part series on gay men using methamphetamine host James Watson interviews a former crystal meth user who has been free from all substances for over five years. We delve deep into his experiences of hard use and the challenges and triumphs of recovery through the fellowships of the 12-Step Program, specifically Crystal Meth Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous.

E08: Gay Men Using Meth (Part 3): A Harm Reduction Approach

In this third episode of a three-part series on gay men using methamphetamine host James Watson interviews Nick Boyce and Colin Johnson about harm reduction as an approach to safer drug use. Nick is the Director of the Ontario Harm Reduction Network and has been working in the movement for almost 20 years. Colin is a gay rights activist and harm reduction peer educator. He is also an injection drug user whose drug of choice is crystal meth.

E09: Laughing Matters

Is laughter the best medicine? In this episode we explore the power of stand-up comedy to fight stigma, and its potential as a therapeutic tool? Host James Watson chats first with James Tison a queer, HIV positive, gender non-binary stand-up comic and actor out of New York City and then reaches out across sectors to speak with David Granirer. David is a stand-up comic, counselor, author, and the founder of Stand Up For Mental Health (SMH), a program for teaching stand-up comedy to people with mental health issues.

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