Peer Researchers

Peer researchers are a cornerstone of community based research (CBR). The Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV/AIDS (GIPA) is a guiding principle for community-based research, as it increases the commitment to ensure that people living with HIV/AIDS (or PHAs) are involved in, and have some control over, program development, policy making and especially research.

Learn the basics.

Working “with” or “as” a Peer Researcher: In this module, you will learn about CBR from the perspective of someone working as a peer researcher, or from the perspective of someone who’s designing a study and working with peer researchers.

Self-Care for Peer Researchers: In this module you will learn about self-care practices for peer researchers working on HIV research projects. You will learn about formal and informal supports and debriefing, appropriate boundaries, bracketing and resiliency.

Peer Researchers speak!

2019 – Responding to Lived Realities: The Role of Community-based Peer Researchers. A guided panel interview with seasoned peer researchers from across Canada.

2018 –  Pathways of peer researchers:  A series of brief presentations describing the pathways of peer researchers and their academic supporters in health intervention research.

2015 – Women as Peer Researchers: In this video, challenges and experiences that women peer researchers have when getting involved in research process.

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