HIV and Rehabilitation Forum

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This is one Canadian definition of Knowledge, Transfer and Exchange (KTE). There are many guides for KTE depending on goals and settings (e.g. nonprofit). This is how we did KTE for our event and we hope you can get some tips from our example:

  1. The presentations at the 2018, 4th International Forum on HIV and Rehabilitation Research and Inter-sectoral Policy Dialogue:  Advancing Research, Policy and Practice for Health Aging were collected synthesized,
  2. Websites links related to the speakers as well as manuscripts and grey literature (e.g., brochures) were hyperlinked to their presentations.
  3. Key ideas were synthesized, we eliminated repetition, and curated the presentations by clustering them into major themes.
  4. Working with a graphic designer, we designed icons for the key themes
  5. In the diagram below, we included short, plain language blurbs with key points, and hyperlinked them to the authors, main ideas, articles, videos and project website when available and without cramming the page (hyperlinks can get broken or pages taken off the air)
  6. You can do it too!
  7. Click on the icons and titles in the diagram below to learn more about them.