Tools to Fight Stigma

Enhancing the Patient-Provider Relationship

Recognize elements that enhance the patient-provider relationship, identify tools to improve communication, become familiar with strategies to offer an environment conducive to patients and providers working together.

HIV & Microaggressions

Learn about microaggressions, microassaults and microinvalidations, and about how LGBTQ+ peoples living with HIV cope with them.

Exploring HIV Stigma and Black Masculinities

HIV stigma acquires nuances in specific ethno-racialized settings and at the crossroad of gender, sexual orientation and race. Here is one example that will help you think about the “diversity of HIV-related stigma.”

HIV Stigma 102

In this follow-up piece, we explore stigma in specific settings such as healthcare, schooling and the workplace.

HIV Stigma 101

We assume that when we say stigma we’re talking about the same thing. In this video you’ll see the many different sides of a complex issue.