HIV & Unemployment

HIV & Employment


The Getting to Work Study (2007-2013) produced a conceptual framework booklet and series of fact sheets for employers, AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) and policy makers to highlight the barriers to labour force participation for PHAs and strategies to increase employment options for PHAs in Canada. See the HIV and Employment Framework booklet and Positive Participation Fact Sheets. The research team assessed a conceptual framework and created series of fact sheets.

Client Case Studies: In this section you will learn about the lives of two fictional characters living with HIV. These case studies are intended to support the education and training of rehabilitation professionals and front line service providers. Vocational Rehabilitation: In this section you will learn about, the key personal and structural factors that influence a person living with HIV’s motivation to return to work, strategies to assess your client’s readiness to return to work and strategies to best support your client’s decision to return to work.

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