CBR 101

Community-Based Research 101

What is CBR : In this module, you will learn about CBR’s guiding principles, the strengths of this methodology in the HIV/AIDS research field, and a number of success stories from experienced researchers.

Merit Review : In the module you will learn about the merit review process for Community Based Research in HIV/AIDS. You will learn how a review committee evaluates a project’s scientific merit and potential impact (using the CIHR’s 5 point rating system) and how to incorporate a reviewer’s feedback into a research grant.

Developing Partnerships : In this module you will learn how to create strong research partnerships, covering topics like why partnerships are fundamental to successful CBR projects, how community organizations can find academic research partners, and strategies to navigate the challenges that arise within a research team.

Ethics Review: In this module you will learn about the ethics review process for Community Based Research, including what you need to include in an ethics review submission, assessing risks and benefits of a CBR project, and establishing good communication with your Review of Ethics Board (REB).

Informed Consent: In this module you will learn about the Informed Consent process for community-based research. You will learn why is Informed consent is an essential element of any CBR project, how to recieve informed consent from your participants, and what your responsibilities are as a researcher. At the end, you will be left with a document template that will help you begin the informed consent process for your own project.

Grant Writing: In this module you will learn about funding and grant writing. Specifically, it will help you learn about the Canadian Institute of Health Research, or the CIHR, Canada’s largest national funding organization for health research, comprised of 13 different institutes that supports over 14 000 researchers across our country. We will approach the CIHR from the prospective of those doing Community-Based Research in HIV/AIDS and this module will help you answer question like why should you apply for CIHR Funding? How to submit your project to the right funding opportunity? And what are the elements of the successful grant application?

CBR Case Study: In this module, you will learn about the phases involved in designing and conducing a community based research study. Presented by Kelly O’Brien, Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto, the module focuses on a online HIV Health and Rehabilitation Survey, but the lessons learned are applicable to other research methods and disciplines.

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