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Based in Toronto with a global outlook! 

We showcase the positive effect of people living with HIV.

Pozcasts tell very human stories about how research impacts the health, lives, and work of people living with HIV.


    1. Episode 1 — Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U)
    2. Episode 2 — HIV, fatherhood and fertility
    3. Episode 3 — GIPA in the workplace
    4. Episode 4 — Poetic Justice: a collaborative retelling
    5. Episode 5 – Stigma Stings
    6. Episode 6 – Gay Men Using Meth (Part 1)- Lust, Men and Meth: A Gay Man’s Guide to Sex and Recovery
    7. Episode 7: Gay Men Using Meth (Part 2) – Crystal Meth Anonymous: A 12-Step Recovery Program
    8. Episode 8: Gay Men Using Meth (Part 3) – A Harm Reduction Approach

    Production credits

    • Host: James Watson
    • Director: James Watson
    • Producer: Calum Thompson, Ryan Kerr (episodes 1-4)
    • Design: Kohila Kurunathan & Chris Carriere
    • Audio Production: Guy McLoughlin
    • Consultant: Francisco Ibañez-Carrasco

    Direct any comments, suggestions or questions to: pozcasts4u@gmail.com


    While we respect the expertise, views and ideas of our pozcast guests, their remarks are their sole responsibility.

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    Announcing UWW/REACH 2.0 Intervention Research Fellowship Results

    We are excited to unveil the results of UWW/REACH 2.0 Intervention Research Fellowship call. We had a wonderful time reviewing all of the fantastic applications. We are absolutely thrilled that so many people want to be part of the UWW Fellowship. Recipients of the 2017 UWW/REACH 2.0 Fellowship are below: Ruth Cameron Aidan Ablona Denise Jaworksy Desmond […]

    Call for 2017-2018 REACH/UWW Intervention Research Fellowship Awards

    A new learning and funding opportunity for Masters and PhD degree students or holders working in public health, clinical environments or AIDS service organizations Applicants: are seeking to solve a specific HIV programming challenge are currently collaborating with, or working in, a clinical, public health or community based organization setting and have identified a research […]

    Online Conference: Patient Engagement in Medical Education

    Join us online on June 9th, 2016 at 2:00 PM EST to discuss how patients are becoming engaged in medical education. In all aspects of medicine – hospital administration, policymaking, and medical education – there has been a growing recognition of the role of lived experience in the production of knowledge and expertise. People with lived experience […]