Call for 2017-2018 REACH/UWW Intervention Research Fellowship Awards

A new learning and funding opportunity for Masters and PhD degree students or holders working in public health, clinical environments or AIDS service organizations

  • Applicants:
    • are seeking to solve a specific HIV programming challenge
    • are currently collaborating with, or working in, a clinical, public health or community based organization setting and
    • have identified a research intervention to be studied in collaboration with partners in the HIV community in their region
  • The intervention to be piloted or implemented with the UWW training stipend:
    • has been demonstrated to be acceptable and relevant to community
    • has evidence of effectiveness in some setting(s) and
    • there is a commitment to incorporate the intervention into programming if study results indicate success

The goals of this funding opportunity are to:

  • Support the development of impact-oriented career paths for Masters or PhD degree holders, and assist them to build their capacity in CBR, Program and Implementation Science in the HIV sector in Canada
  • Provide learning and networking opportunities in community-based research (CBR) and Implementation Science for HIV health researchers in Canada
  • Expand the knowledge base in Implementation Science in Canada and contribute to health service systems improvements for optimal HIV prevention, treatment and care services

Find out more details about the fellowship awards here