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Pozcast, hosted by James Watson

A show that puts the positive in podcasting. Our program is created by and for people living with HIV to explore HIV research in ways that matter. We want to hear and tell stories about what new research means for us – for our health, our sex lives, and our relationships. We’re based in Toronto but global in outlook, and we’re produced by Universities Without Walls. We’re pozcast, and we’re bringing HIV research to life. 

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    1. Episode 1 — Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U)
    2. Episode 2 — HIV, fatherhood and fertility
    3. Episode 3 — GIPA in the workplace
    4. Episode 4 — Poetic Justice: a collaborative retelling

    Production credits

    • Host: James Watson
    • Producers: James Watson & Ryan Kerr
    • Design: Kohila Kurunathan & Chris Carriere
    • Audio Production: Guy McLoughlin
    • Consultant: Francisco Ibañez-Carrasco


    While we respect the expertise, views and ideas of our pozcast guests, they do not speak on behalf of the Ontario HIV Treatment Network or Universities Without Walls.

    What you will find here!

    Activities and tools to learn and teach online and in-person about HIV research methods, ethics and application of evidence. Our focus is HIV community based research, intervention research and community-based evaluation but adaptable to other health disciplines and sectors. Stay tuned. Universities Without Walls connects emerging researchers to new funding and research opportunities. We host cool interactive webinars for […]

    Online Conference: Patient Engagement in Medical Education

    Join us online on June 9th, 2016 at 2:00 PM EST to discuss how patients are becoming engaged in medical education. In all aspects of medicine – hospital administration, policymaking, and medical education – there has been a growing recognition of the role of lived experience in the production of knowledge and expertise. People with lived experience […]